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With nearly 1500 different items, you can be sure to have a blast. For the best shells and mortars that create bigger booms, visit Fireworks Factory Outlet in Cody, Wyoming, today!

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Largest Selection Of Artillery Shells
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If you are planning a visit to Cody, Wyoming, don’t miss stopping to see the fabulous Fireworks Factory Outlet store. Our 4,000 square-foot superstore, located on the Yellowstone Hwy just half a mile west of Walmart, is guaranteed to be the highlight of your trip if you love fireworks. In all your life, you’ve never seen so many fireworks than you will at our superstore.

End-To-End Customer Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in picking the best deals for your special occasions. Whether you know what you are looking for or want us to help you select the ones that will give you a wonderful performance, we’re here to help. Our superstore is well-organized and easy to explore. Our staff will meticulously explain the performance of each product we have and relevant safety measures for safe handling. Whether it is the New Year, 4th of July, or any other reason to celebrate, you know where to get the best firework deals in Cody, Wyoming!

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The Best Fireworks Shopping Experience

Fireworks Factory Outlet is where you can be confident of getting the best bang for your buck. We proudly sell artillery shells, mortars, boomers, roman candles, fountains, and more from world-class brands in Cody, Wyoming. With money-saving deals, free fireworks, and specials, we can offer firework fun for the whole family at pocket-friendly rates.


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